S3 Sync Issue (Cloudflare R2 / Google Cloud Storage)

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Hey all,

I just came across SiYuan today and I'm pretty excited to use it. I just activated my trial and I'm trying to achieve the following:

  • Sync accross devices (my Windows laptop, a Windows desktop and my iPhone)
  • Use the API from my home server (I could either deploy this to a Linux box I have or use the API from a Windows instance)

Being a developer, the easiest way to do this seemed to be the S3 sync, I was hoping to connect all clients to S3, and then use the Docker container (set up with SE) on my Linux box as an API.

Although this seems pretty easy by reading the info on the Cloud tab, I can't manage to sync accross devices no matter what I try.

Both my Windows laptop and iPhone successfully connect to my bucket (I've tried both GCloud & Cloudflare) and claim to sync to it (bucket has its files updated in both cases > GCloud Storage and R2), the changes from one device never make it to the other. Weather I make changes on my iPhone or my Windows, the other device syncs successfully but changes never appear.

Am I doing something wrong here? Is it because I'm on a trial? Please someone help, SiYuan seems to be the only tool around that fullfills all my needs and I'm really eager to use it as a daily driver, but having no sync is a dealbreaker.

Please help, if the Subscription plan is what I need for the S3 sync, I'm happy to pruchase it & support the project.

Thanks in advance :)

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    • zxhd86

      The docker version of SiYuan is just a runtime environment without electron, and you can access it through web, but it itself cannot be used as a synchronization service provider.

      To be honest, I don't quite understand your operation. Can you see the newly uploaded snapshot in the cloud snapshot interface?

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    • angroid 1

      Hello, it's a bit difficult to find english information on the current status but as far as I understood, S3 & Webdav syncing is in testing for the moment and available to everyone. Later one you will need the PRO version (currently 48 USD lifetime) for external sync, and the subscription (currently 148USD lifetime) for the integrated cloud.

      So I don't think you're having issues because of a missing subscription. I'm using Synology C2 free tier for S3 storage and it works perfectly as far as I know.

      However you mention docker and your own selfhosted Siyuan right? As far as I understood the self hosted version & webapp don't perfectly talk to the desktop versions. As far as I understood, you cannot use the self hosted version to sync desktop and mobile apps. This is all just my understanding from research trying to figure out the same things as you, so no guarantee that I understood correctly. I'm sure the developer can correct my statements.

      Try to use S3 sync just between the desktop and mobile versions, no self-host or webapp in the chain?