Can't copy API token string

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Hi there, new to Siyuan. I am right now testing it to see whether I can migrate from Obsidian.

I am trying to set up the Chrome extension, got the API token but inside Siyuan it possible to select it (highlight it) but no option to copy it and paste in the extension.

I mean, not a big deal to copy once on paper and enter it in the extension, however maybe this is a bug.

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      Slide out the right panel and select About - Workspace

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    • mx3-23

      yes, it worked.

      Another question: I am testing using different workspaces on the linux app and also I am testing how it syncs (free trial) with iOS app, before I subscribe and use S3.

      Does the iOS app support only a workspace? I could not find a way to use a second one.

      How to select a specific workspace when the desktop app opens? Like a default workspace that always is opened first when launching the app.


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      Hi, please try copying it using Ctrl+C.

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      Slide out the right panel, and then scroll to the bottom will show the "About".

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