Any export method not working (crash/freeze) app on setting -> Export -> Ref -> footnote

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Title explains it.

Export works on fine on Ref -> anchor text or Ref -> anchor text with URL, but on footnote none of the export methods work.

Current tested platform: Linux
Tested version: 2.10.13 and 2.11.1 (persistant)

Basically blue message box states export in progress when on markdown, on export to pdf the light theme popup appears and leading icon hangs.

This feature was mentioned here: Is it possible for markdown export to link to other files? - 88250 reply as "the best ref export solution because most Markdown parsers support footnotes." Hence when checking feature I noticed the problem.

I am still in the need to export while preserving both document-backlinks (as well as non-document/block backlinks). Mainly as a failsafe to prevent being locked in.

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    • 88250

      Hello, I cannot reproduce the freeze export problem here. If it is convenient, please make a minimum reproducible data set and upload it so that we can debug it. Thank you.