Issue with Importing and Issue with typing on Android app

Both issues are happening on the Android version of Siyuan (v2.12.5). Using Lenovo Tab P11 Gen 2 (Xiaoxin Padplus 2023)

Recently, the import function has not been working properly. As shown in the screenshot below, all 8 of my sub-documents are under an untitled file when they should be under the file 'Hacking (PEH)'.


EDIT: The second issue is after backspacing a paragraph block completely, it shrinks into a smaller whitespace, and my text cursor/typing cursor disappears. A refresh will make the paragraph block appear again and I am unable to access that smaller whitespace as well as my arrow keys skip over that spacing as shown in the video.

Other than the disappearing text cursor, the issue also prevents me from using keybinds such as CTRL+SHIFT+A, CTRL+SHIFT+B, and a few others for some reason

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    TragicLoveStory updated this article at 2024-01-27 00:35:43

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    • TragicLoveStory

      Hello, I added a video demonstration about the typing issues. The cursor dissappears after completely backspacing a paragraph block and creates a smaller whitespace/paragraph block? I can't seem to type in that small whitespace, and my arrow keys ignore that spacing as well which forces me to click on it and delete it.

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    • 88250

      Hello, please pay attention to the first issue Issue #10261 · siyuan-note/siyuan

      I don't quite understand the second issue. If it's convenient for you, please record a screen demonstration. Thanks for the feedback.

    • 88250

      Hello, I cannot reproduce the problem here. Please check whether it is caused by a plugin or a code snippet.