Enhancement Requests and Bug Report for an Improved Database Experience

I'm really enjoying the app so far, especially after trying out the Database Table feature – it's awesome!.

I'm looking forward to some new features in future updates:

  • A currency field in the database that supports all global currencies and can perform calculations.
  • A search feature for the database that can be activated with a shortcut.
  • I'm excited for a Gallery View option for the database.
  • It would be great if pages created within the Database table could pop up like a modal, similar to Notion, and remain hidden in the document tree explorer.
  • An extension like Notion's web clipper that allows users to choose a database and then automatically captures all the details from a webpage and stores them in the database. The current SiYuan web clipper doesn't support this functionality.
    For reference, here's the extension: Save to Notion

Also, there's a bug with the video link widget, doesn't seem to process the video link properly.

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