Does Image Occlusion supported in SiYuan?

Hi, I have read in SiYuan Github repository, that Image Occlusion is supported through one of the plugins. I am not sure Which plugin that supports Image Occlusion. Could you please confirm whether it support Image occlusion and if it does, Kindly mention which plugin it is. Thank you.

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    • Lantern


      I only know that this plugin has embedded the image occlusion feature.I'm also not clear on whether it has been translated into English. I'm not sure if there are other plugins that do this as well. The software itself probably doesn't have it.

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    • repelsw87

      Yeah Thank you!. I just tried the plugin, but i don't even able to know where the plugin icons are?. very hard to identify anything. Atleast they should have given some clear documentation in English. Are you able to find the image occlusion by any chance?