How can I perform more complicated math in database?


I'm quite new to SiYuan. I have selected it out of 7 other note taking app as my go-to one due to it being free, open-source, and so feature-rich.

I have discovered database template, which allows me to f.e. sum, substract, multiply, etc. several columns together. Here is my example database.


I need to perform a chain operation on the first column, so that it is first divided by 2, then substracted by 5. I already tried:

  • .action{div .Score 2} .action{sub . 5}

  • .action{sub {div .Score 2} 5}

  • I tried to split calculation into two columns: The first divides .action{div .Score 2}, the second substracts .action{sub .HalfScore 5}, but for some reason the last column cannot grab a value of HalfScore and always substracts from 0

    None of these seem to work. Golang documentation suggests writing a separate function, but how can I write a function and use it in SiYuan?

    On another Note:

    Is it possible to calculate values in non-database blocks? Like I have block A with a value, then another block B, and I want to f.e. sum both values and put them in block C. Or look up value A into block C. Is this possible?

    Thanks in advance!

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    • zxhd86

      Currently, template columns cannot be referenced to each other.

      I'm afraid that writing a function will require modifying the source code of SiYuan, which is the case with the week function contributed by the community before.

      The last requirement may not be fulfilled.

    • MiscReply
    • Eric

      Thanks for the reply! I'll find another way then! 👍