Can't access docker instance and network sharing from my mobile

Hi siyuans

  1. I am having trouble accessing my siyuan docker instance, when I open it on the port 9806 and enter auth code, I am stuck on the logo page and nothing happens after that.

    docker run -d -v ./siyuan/workspace:/siyuan/workspace -p 9806:6806 -u 1000:1000 b3log/siyuan --workspace=./siyuan/workspace/ --accessAuthCode=2024

  2. I've tried sharing my Siyuan Docker instance through network sharing (presumably from the mobile app). While I can access it on my Android device, other devices on my home Wi-Fi network encounter the same problem: they get stuck on the logo page after entering the authentication code on port 9806.

Output logo page:



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    • machireddy

      Thanks mate...

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    • WanChen

      The current version may have issues; you can try the previous version: v3.0.11.

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