List todo's by page

I currently have in my daily note template:

SELECT * FROM blocks WHERE markdown LIKE '%[ ]%' AND subtype = 't' AND type = 'i'

I would like to modify this so that it lists the todos by page e.g.:

Page Title
- todo 1
- todo 2

Another page
- todo 1
- ...

Another one
- todo1

Is this possible in SiYuan, if so what is the magic invocation?

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    • zxhd86 1

      It is possible to sort by page order, but listing the page titles roughly is not achievable.

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    • zetashift
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      Ah, alright, thank you!

    • xhir

      Maybe you can try the Task List plug-in siyuan-plugin-task-list, which can divide todos according to pages or notebooks, and then display them in the dock view on the right.


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      xhir updated this reply at 2024-05-15 00:18:29