Sync Between Android and PC in SiYuan

I need Sync Between Android and PC in SiYuan

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    • 88250

      Please refer to the User Guide - Data sync

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    • k33k00

      I self host using docker, I can't see anything in the android app or on the web app about data synchronization. Do you have any links or information that you can share?

    • Eric

      There are four ways you can achieve this:

      1. First is through the paid version - you buy SiYuan licence and use their sync service
      2. Second, also paid - you need to buy the licence and you will be able to use third party sync services
      3. (for advanced users) You can use a docker image to host your SiYuan, and connect via local lan connection
      4. Keep your SiYuan on the mobile app, and connect on computers via web app, that each app can host
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    • jaar23

      some other user on youtube ask for a walkthrough, just created a post here to cover how to configure s3 sync with SiYuan. Configure SiYuan for S3 sync
      btw, the syncing works really well.