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  • Possible to activate third party sync in offline style?

    2024-05-11 10:15

    What I really want is avoid unnecessary connections to protect my privacy. Since we are using third-party sync services in the case, there's no need to talk to SiYuan's servers, let alone SiYuan's official servers are based on non-free services from China. It's okay for SiYuan to use their service, but we must have the right to neglect potential privacy threats. Third-party sync function certainly don't need SiYuan's official server in nature, so there has to be some more-offline ways to enable it.

    What I have in mind is

    Accountless activation via keys:

    The one-time-purchased webDAV/S3 sync plan will enable digital keys activation. Keys are generated by SiYuan official servers and accepted locally, thus no need to continuously verify the key online. The total chances of key generation for each account is limited, but can be retrieved via a "deactivate" button in the app which will call the SiYuan servers to discard the key and restore chances while disabling third-party sync.

    • almost full offline activation
    • reduced key misuse and reselling
    • However, users' maneuverability are limited
  • Response code failure when booting up on Android

    2024-05-11 00:50

    I read the changelog of 3.0.13, and it did say fixed app blank page on startup, so if you update it to latest it should be fixed. However be warned the f-droid build have different signature, thus cannot be updated with the official apk. you may need to uninstall the f-droid one or try other methods.

  • Response code failure when booting up on Android

    2024-05-07 17:10

    the issue occured to me as well. While the app runs fine on iOS iPhone and another Android 12 phone, the same issue happens on my Android 13 MiPAD.

    Updating the app to the latest 3.0.13 then it works. Older official and F-droid builds has the issue for some reason.

    Which version are you on currently?