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  • Is there a way to use plugins for the Android app?

    2024-03-12 19:04

    you can open your siyuan in browser with a remote pc ,then you can download plugin and other extension contents

  • How to retrieve SUM value with SQL Query in Embedded Block?

    2024-03-08 14:08

    Embedded Block can only use SQL sentence starts with "select * from blocks" for some reason
    And dataBase block can not use SQL for now

  • Windows Server 2012 R2

    2023-12-14 18:27

    win server 2019 works fine

  • All aliases in current page

    2023-11-10 18:47


    select * from blocks as A where A.root="<the page id>" and A.alias
  • Global search method default (SQL query saved)

    2023-10-08 01:14

    there is a plugin for easier search,maybe you can try that

  • Trying to understand sync and backup options

    2023-10-08 01:10

    just use your vps IP, if you dont have a public IP address, try tailscale or zerotier,

  • Mercurial Hg / Git / GitHub / GitLab Sync as part of the Open Source package

    2023-10-08 01:06

    You can try using object storage like amazon's S3 or minio;

    Previously, SiYuan also tried methods like ,git and other version management solutions., but later changed to the current object storage technology solution because it was not suitable for SiYuan's usage scenarios.

  • run in background

    2023-08-20 22:13

    en ,a shotcut of siyuan kernel

  • run in background

    2023-08-20 22:12

    in windows maybe you can build a shortcut on your desktop to lunch siyuan without UI

  • Global Attributes (Feature Request)

    2023-07-09 01:27

    I guess the AttributeView feature under development (testing may start around the end of this month) should partially meet such requirements.

    Looking forward to it

  • SiYuan as an Outliner?

    2023-07-09 01:24

    However, as far as I know, the performance of Siyuan's listBlock should at least not be much worse than specialized outline software (if not better); the main uncertainty lies in how the performance would be at its limit and whether the functionalities fully meet the needs of habitual users of outline note software.

  • SiYuan as an Outliner?

    2023-07-09 01:18

    Actually, I don't use the list function very often. I usually only use it when creating outlines. As for performance testing, I have only done it for normal document formats, and most devices should not experience lag when reading Chinese novels with over one million characters (except for possibly taking a moment to import). I will try to find familiar users who can speak about the performance of lists.