[Solved] Moved from Logseq - get my Wikilinks back on Track

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Hi guys,

Imported my Markdown files as folders from Logseq. The wiki links no longer work. These are - superficially - in the same format, but of course do not reference the corresponding GUID under the hood. But now to rewrite thousands of wikilinks within this complete package by hand is something for people who have nothing to do all day. Search and Replace does not do it. Does anyone have a good idea for this?

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    TaxDevOp updated this article at 2023-09-02 04:24:02

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    • Ngungu

      @88250 thanks for your reply. Confirmed: importing from Obsidian works fine. Well done, team!
      Many thanks.

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    • ciwoyipang 1 Comment

      If you're talking about [[]] links.

      This link may be helpful?

      automatic link- Quicker (getquicker.net)

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      ciwoyipang updated this reply at 2023-06-04 10:08:53
      English is recommended, thank you.
    • Ngungu

      @Nhan what do you mean by “properly import”?
      I imported 2 files from Obsidian as a test. File 1 has a wikilink to file 2 in this format: [[file2 name|text]], which is not a clickable link in file 1.

      Admittedly, file 2 was imported after file 1, not at the same time. I am using Siyuan 2.9.5.

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      Ngungu updated this reply at 2023-07-15 19:09:43
    • vibl

      I would really like to migrate from Logseq to Siyuan but I have thousands of interlinked pages in Logseq and giving up the links would make my notes much less usable. Recreating them by hands is not feasible.

      A migration script would certainly increase Siyuan's user base a lot. There have been some frustration in the community around Logseq numerous bugs and some (like myself) are losing patience. Siyuan seems a perfect replacement for Logseq with many added features and improvements such as better search, better app layout flexibility, better sync, etc.

      Given that Roam, Obsidian and similar software are based (or exportable to) markdown, my guess is it wouldn't be very difficult to adapt a Logseq migration script to these.

      Could that be put in the roadmap?

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