SiYuan feedback guidelines

This post was last updated for 318 days ago, and the information may already be changed
  • If you encounter problems during use and are not using the latest version, please try to upgrade to the latest version first
    • Versions before v2.12.4 have defects in data synchronization, so we have stopped official synchronization support
    • If upgrading to the latest version cannot solve the problem, please post a question or help thread
  • If you want to give feedback or share, please post a feedback or share post


  • Please try to search for relevant content before posting and try to avoid posting duplicate questions and suggestions
  • Please describe problems and suggestions as clearly as possible when posting, so that we can communicate more efficiently and find solutions to problems more easily
  • The developer's email address [email protected] is only used to inquire about cloud services and account issues. For other questions, please post feedback through the community

Thank you all for your understanding and support.

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