metadata widget on block + type attribute as yaml + attribute type number

  1. No matter where I try to place the metadata widget, it always links to the page and not to the block. Is there a way to use this widget for a specific block?
  2. Is there a way to type attributes in the Logseq style? That is, either under the block or as the first line inside.
  3. I noticed on the roadmap in the attribute view section that some parts have been completed, like the attribute number and more. How can I use this, or do I need to wait for the attribute view development to be fully completed?
  4. I installed version 2.9.6 and the new 2.9.6 alpha. As far as I understand, this version should contain a basic version of the attribute view. How do I add this to the page? Where can I find it? I can't seem to locate i
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    DanDeal updated this article at 2023-07-22 17:39:12

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