Mobile Sync: "sync failed file changed"

How to sync to Mobile?

Everytime App is loaded on mobile, it just says "failed to fully sync at startup" please sync manually. I click to sync manually, "sync failed file changed" - what does this even mean?

Which files have changed, I have freshly installed Siyun App on the mobile - haven't modified any files and yet it alreayd struggles to sync?

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    • 88250

      Please export the system log in the Right panel - About, and upload it to troubleshoot the problem.

    • elizabennett


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      elizabennett updated this reply at 2024-05-21 14:32:43
    • 88250

      The log records that the last few synchronizations were successful. It is recommended not to enable synchronization of other devices when synchronizing one device, otherwise the problems you mentioned may occur.

    • elizabennett

      But I don't see any of my notes appear on the mobile. All I see is only "Siyuan User Guide".