How do I import folders?

I tried settings>import and importing a folder with .zip mardown files but it didn't work.
And why does the folder need to be .zip anyway?

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    • sorb

      Thank you!
      I actually tried that but I didn't know I had to create a new folder/notebook first

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    • sorb

      No, because SiYuan doesn't import unzipped folders (at least it doesn't for me).
      Btw, I browsed SiYuan's files and found my notes there, they just don't appear in the app. Is this a bug of the microsoft store version?

      I've also tried importing with a plugin, but nothing works.

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      sorb updated this reply at 2024-07-09 13:15:32
      sorb updated this reply at 2024-07-09 13:14:31
    • anon83767 1
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      Are you using this option to import your markdown folder into the workspace?

      I'm using MacOs in this screenshot, so it's possible the behavior differs slightly from the windows store version.

      Would you be able to attach a few screenshots showing the steps you're taking?

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      anon83767 updated this reply at 2024-07-10 03:50:25
    • anon83767
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      No problem; I'm glad it was helpful!

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