[Solved] Moved from Logseq - get my Wikilinks back on Track

Hi guys,

Imported my Markdown files as folders from Logseq. The wiki links no longer work. These are - superficially - in the same format, but of course do not reference the corresponding GUID under the hood. But now to rewrite thousands of wikilinks within this complete package by hand is something for people who have nothing to do all day. Search and Replace does not do it. Does anyone have a good idea for this?

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    TaxDevOp updated this article at 2023-09-02 04:24:02

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      You can only import the entire folder at one time, SiYuan cannot incrementally recognize [[wikilinks]], thanks.

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    • Ngungu

      @Nhan what do you mean by “properly import”?
      I imported 2 files from Obsidian as a test. File 1 has a wikilink to file 2 in this format: [[file2 name|text]], which is not a clickable link in file 1.

      Admittedly, file 2 was imported after file 1, not at the same time. I am using Siyuan 2.9.5.

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      Ngungu updated this reply at 2023-07-15 19:09:43
    • frostime

      To date, there is no official level solution that might quickly resolve [[wiki-links]] (or ref-links called in SiYuan) from other software.

      The community does have some solutions of its own, but they are dependent on other software and not very internationalised, so it is not certain that it would cost you too much extra to use them.

    • Nhan

      Sorry for my late reply. Previously importing [[Wikilinks]] doesn't work at all when importing into SiYuan. IIrc it became literall [[Wikilinks]] and doesn't do anything. SiYuan at that time only supported cannonical Markdown links. With the recent updates when you import [[Wikilinks]] they properly show up as links in SiYuan now.

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