SiYuan Lifetime Subscription is now on sale, seats are limited

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Hey, warrior, do you want to board the "SiYuan Lifetime Subscription" expedition ship to conquer the ocean of knowledge? There are 511 people with you, set sail!

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    Welcome to here!

    Here we can learn from each other how to use SiYuan, give feedback and suggestions, and build SiYuan together.

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    • ranggasan

      Can we still use 3rd party synchronization even though we don't subscribe to siyuan?

      We'll support by donation though

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    • 88250
      Author MOD

      We will support convert [[wikilink]] syntax on import Markdown Issue #8603 · siyuan-note/siyuan.

      Logseq's block ref syntax is not yet supported. We will consider it later if there are more demands, thank you.

    • Mhtro

      Can you please offer alternative payment methods? Paypal has blocke my account and frozen my assets too many times to count for inane reasons, can you use some sort of third party service so I can buy through my bank account or something similar?

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    • TaxDevOp 1 1 Up
      VIP Warrior

      I have a lifetime subscription but am syncing to another S3 provider. So we are not forced into the north american data centre. I simply wanted to support the developers. Means: You can have both.

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