SiYuan Lifetime Subscription is now on sale, seats are limited

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Hey, warrior, do you want to board the "SiYuan Lifetime Subscription" expedition ship to conquer the ocean of knowledge? There are 511 people with you, set sail!

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    Welcome to here!

    Here we can learn from each other how to use SiYuan, give feedback and suggestions, and build SiYuan together.

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    • ranggasan

      I see, thank you

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      1. The basic functions are the same, but the official synchronization supports "Sync Perception", that is, when multiple devices are at the same time, one of the devices A is synchronized, and other devices will automatically synchronize after sensing the synchronization of A.
      2. The subscription membership function includes the use of third-party synchronization, no separate payment is required
      3. In the future, we will introduce the exchange of LiuYun points for storage expansion
    • Nhan

      Could you specify a bit more on the sync limit? Such as the size of the note, the size of each file, etc. I suggest modeling the information after what Obsidian listed here. For example in Obsidian, you can sync max 5 vaults, each vault size limit is 10 GB, and the maximum size for 1 file is 100 MB.

      I see here that "Cloud storage size" is 8 GB. Is that applicable for 1 notebook? Would love to have some clarification on this.

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    • Nhan 1

      From Discord: "After the end of the S3/WebDAV public beta phase, a one-time payment is required, and the price is not yet determined. Subscribers do not need to pay for S3/WebDAV functionality separately."

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