SiYuan Lifetime Subscription is now on sale, seats are limited

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Hey, warrior, do you want to board the "SiYuan Lifetime Subscription" expedition ship to conquer the ocean of knowledge? There are 511 people with you, set sail!

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    Welcome to here!

    Here we can learn from each other how to use SiYuan, give feedback and suggestions, and build SiYuan together.

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      Sorry, there are currently no other payment methods.

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      Hello, SiYuan is currently positioned as a personal knowledge management tool and is not recommended for team collaboration. Currently, there should be no problem when editing different documents concurrently. There may be problems when editing the same document. You can setup it through Docker or use the network serving function to test it, thanks.

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      Probably many Logseq/Obsidian/Roam/Dynalist/Workflowy users would buy the lifetime subscription if they could migrate to Siyuan (it has many advantages over each of them).

      A simple plugin that converts [[My doc title]] to a ref link to the corresponding doc (if the doc exists) would probably be enough, in addition to the existing markdown import feature.

      Converting links to blocks would be even better (in Logseq, blocks have their hash id directly in the markdown file if internal links point to them. This could be used to do the same conversion for blocks as described above for pages).

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      We will support convert [[wikilink]] syntax on import Markdown Issue #8603 · siyuan-note/siyuan.

      Logseq's block ref syntax is not yet supported. We will consider it later if there are more demands, thank you.

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