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I hope this is the right place to share some plugins ideas. Siyuan is already out-of-the-box more feature reach software than Obsidian but I miss some plugins functionality that are provided to other software by plugins. I present here my ideas/requests:

  1. RSS plugin that would show each news as a block. This would enable quickly move valuable news to other documents for organization purposes and allow to build personal knowledge.
  2. Integration with some popular "read later" services, for example Instapaper. I use Instapaper because it has very good free account offer, highlights feature and it is well integrated with one of the most popular online rss reader: Inoreader (which also has good free account offer).
  3. Logseq has wonderful plugin for link preview. I wish there was one for siyuan as well.
  4. Logseq also has great plugin that shows threading for hierarchical list (bullet threading). Maybe this can be achived by some css. I don't know.
  5. Icon for each workspace pinned to the left panel, so that when I click on icon, a predefined workspace opens. This will make freqent workspace switching a bit quicker.
  6. Turn automatically every pasted into link.
  7. Copy block ref to predefined document. Alt+[ allow to copy block ref to a new document. I'd like to have an option to append this link to a predifned page. It would be great if I could have a few predefined pages to choose from. I want to draw your attention to a great plugin for Logseq that does this: move block and it has also other feature than moving blocks.
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