To-do document containing all to-do's from other documents

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What is the best way to create one document that would automatically display all to-do blocks scattered in all other documents? Something that would act as a to-do's dashboard.

Do I need to use tags or some page showing search results to achieve it?

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    • zxhd86

      copy and use it:

      {{SELECT * FROM blocks WHERE markdown LIKE '%[ ]%' AND subtype = 't' AND type = 'i'}}
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    • xhir

      I recently developed a Task List plug-in, I hope it can help you, for more information you can read this blog. And this plug-in has been put on the Marketplace, friends in need are welcome to experience it.


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      xhir updated this reply at 2024-03-25 14:01:39
    • justcosmic1

      I am also trying to achieve the same thing; so I copied and pasted these queries ; but I get the same error message as the original poster: "Search content block does not exist".

      It would be great to have a built in configurable tasks dashboard or kanban in the future.

      But for now I would just be happy if I could get this to work

      Many thanks in advance for any help

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    • justcosmic1

      I have since tried the "Simple Todo" Template, which seems to work to some degree: for example to pull in tasks from within the last month it creates and embed with the following sql:

      SELECT * from blocks WHERE type = "l" AND subtype = "t" AND created >= strftime('%Y%m%d%H%M%S', datetime('now', '-1 month')) AND markdown REGEXP "\* \[ \] \S+" AND parent_id not in ( select id from blocks where subtype = "t" ) ORDER BY created DESC

      Hope this might help someone.

      Looks like I need to learn some sql query language :)

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