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Just discovered Siyuan and I'm trying to find some documentation. I've been working some time with Obsidian, Notion and Logseq and I feel a bit overwhelmed by this application.

Please advice.

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    Welcome to here!

    Here we can learn from each other how to use SiYuan, give feedback and suggestions, and build SiYuan together.

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    • dwinkl 1

      I found the User guide within the app best. See settings➡️ help. Post here if something remains unclear. :)

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    • josemanu72
      PRO Author

      Sorry, my fault, User Guide isn't available when language is set to Spanish 😄 . Changed to English and all ok.

    • josemanu72
      PRO Author

      Yes, thank you very much. The problem is that User guide is not available on Linux (Appimage) version, I don't know the reason, but I've found it in the Windows one. I'll use Windows one while learning.