Keyboard shortcut for opening keymap?

Hi! The first keyboard shortcut I learn for any program is the one to look up what the shortcuts are. But SiYuan does not seem to have this command? Can't find it in the command palette either.

The fastest way I seem to be able to access it is by opening Settings Alt+P, searching "keymap", pressing Tab 3 times to navigate to the search box. I also cannot use keys to browse if I don't know what to search for.

Alternatively, via this plugin and clicking the icon at bottom-right.

As far as I can tell, SiYuan does not support a completely clicking-free workflow, even after having learned all the shortcuts. Is this wrong?

Is it possible to write a plugin for it, or does the plugin API not support keyboard shortcuts for arbitrary commands?

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    • Emrik

      It's possible to set this via AutoHotkey, but it's not the best solution. Requires the window to be maximized. Save the file as e.g. SiYuan_show_keymap_hotkey.ahk and run on startup if wish.

      #Requires AutoHotkey >=2-
      #SingleInstance Force
      #HotIf WinActive("ahk_exe SiYuan.exe")  ; The hotkeys following this line are only active when SiYuan.exe is the active window.
      ; Press Alt+K to show SiYuan keymap (requires this plugin:
      	; The coordinates for the "Show keymap" button in the plugin, assuming:
      	;   - SiYuan.exe is fullscreen
      	;   - and active on the main monitor
      	;   - and the window is raised up from the bottom of the screen by whatever the width of Windows taskbar is
      	clickX := 1872
      	clickY := 1017
          MouseClick("left", clickX, clickY)