SiYuan Lifetime Subscription is now on sale, seats are limited

Hey, warrior, do you want to board the "SiYuan Lifetime Subscription" expedition ship to conquer the ocean of knowledge? There are 511 people with you, set sail!

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    • TaxDevOp 1 1 Up
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      I have a lifetime subscription but am syncing to another S3 provider. So we are not forced into the north american data centre. I simply wanted to support the developers. Means: You can have both.

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    • Nhan

      I clicked the blue button and all I see is emojis coming out of it. It doesn't take me to the Paypal site. Could you please check? Thanks!


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    • sagar 1
      VIP Warrior

      For those wondering how this works: You will get an email with a link to a PayPal invoice. After clicking that link, you can make the payment even if you do not have a PayPal account. It is possible to pay using a regular credit card (or Apple pay, if you open the link on an apple device).

    • Nhan 1

      From Discord: "After the end of the S3/WebDAV public beta phase, a one-time payment is required, and the price is not yet determined. Subscribers do not need to pay for S3/WebDAV functionality separately."

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