Where is database table in SiYuan Android apps?

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Hi, I use computer version, there is a command for me to create database table in a doc, but cannot find it anywhere in the application on Android.

I have search started guide but the result are not obvious.

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    • 88250 1

      Hello, this feature is currently in the internal beta testing stage and requires paying users to use it. After the end of the internal beta (end of this year) all users can use it, thanks.

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    • dwinkl 2

      Yes PRO users can use databases. Here is an example that has a relation column with its own primary key and counts the number of relations that have checked boxes.IMG2718.jpeg

    • adham

      Thank you for your work and efforts!❤️ @88250

    • Sam

      Noob question but how to you create databases in the desktop app?

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