Miscellaneous questions

First of all, if the most appropriate way would be to post each question in a separate post, please let me know so that I can do it that way in the future.

  1. An important part of the use I intend to make is task control and management. Is there a concept of dates in this software? How to insert a date, recognized as such, that is not just a string?
  2. Are there differences, advantages and disadvantages, between running SiYuan as a desktop application versus in a browser tab?
  3. What is the most practical and quickest way (using the keyboard only) to delete an entire block, when it has children (or even when it doesn't)?
  4. What would be the recommended, suggested way to deal with task priorities (each task being a block)? Would it be ideal to work with tags?
  5. How to open URL links using just the keyboard?

Thank you in advance for your attention.

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      1. You can consider using the database function, which has a date field
      2. The desktop version is a full-featured version. The browser version does not support exporting/importing some formats. For specific limilitations, please refer to the User Guide - Docker Hosting chapter
      3. Use Esc to select the current block, use Shift+↑ to expand the selection, and then Del/Backspace
      4. Referring to the first point, it is recommended to use a database. You can also consider related plugins in the marketplace
      5. Recent versions support Issue #11157 · siyuan-note/siyuan

      Thanks for the feedback!