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  • Self hosted installation and creating account issue

    2024-05-29 12:33

    I'm sorry, SiYuan was not designed for this feature: it was not intended to be a team Wiki. The upcoming release services will only offer the option of full-database read-only releases. The only viable strategy is to use publishing plugins to share individual documents.

  • PGP keys and/or SHA256 Checksums

    2024-05-25 20:35

    this. Only official releases.

  • Feature request: Filtering in Embedded Database

    2024-05-25 20:30

    You only need to use two feature:

    1. Directly copy the database. Currently, the default copying of the database is shallow copying, which means it points to the same data source.
    2. Create a new view and apply filtering within this new view.


    For database, you don't need to use the embedded block feature.

  • Self hosted installation and creating account issue

    2024-05-25 11:49

    SiYuan self-hosting does not provide administrator and user accounts - only an authorization code is required for full access, unless you are accessing it in a read-only mode.

    If integration with other solutions is needed, simply use a reverse proxy to hide SiYuan's port.

  • SQL Question - Implement With Global Tags (?)

    2024-05-19 19:27

    This matter involves advanced SQLite queries, which are not as straightforward as they may seem. Here is a feasible example:

    SELECT '[\[' || doc.content || '\]](siyuan://blocks/' || tag.id || ')' AS __1____pre__title, 
    tag.tag AS __2____pre__tag
    FROM blocks AS doc, 
        (SELECT *
        FROM blocks
        WHERE tag LIKE "%Cyber%" ) AS tag
    WHERE doc.id = tag.root_id

    If you need to write similar content on your own, you must understand the functions of subqueries and join queries in SQL queries.

  • SQL Question - Implement With Global Tags (?)

    2024-05-17 16:20

    Regarding the query plugin, which specific plugin are you referring to? It seems like there are several query plugins in SiYuan.

  • SQL Question - Implement With Global Tags (?)

    2024-05-17 16:18

    You can refer to this, although it is in Chinese, it should be well understood using web translation software: https://docs.siyuan-note.club/zh-Hans/reference/database/table.html

  • Can I do something like this via plug-ins: improving block navigation via keyboard (It's just an example)?

    2024-05-14 09:58

    Totally possible, use the plugin registration editor shortcut to call the /api/block/moveBlock api for free movement of blocks. API documentation can be found at https://github.com/siyuan-note/siyuan/blob/master/API.md

    The only difficulty is that you need to think for yourself how to find the first and last block of the original subtree in order to move in front of it or behind it. I'm sure there are many ways to do this.

  • List todo's by page

    2024-05-12 16:42

    It is possible to sort by page order, but listing the page titles roughly is not achievable.

  • Possible to activate third party sync in offline style?

    2024-05-12 16:37

    Your idea is wonderful, but here are two questions:

    1. how to make sure that the number of activations provided by SiYuan is just within the range of the device you are using?
    2. how to make sure that there is no reselling of activation keys?

    There's another problem that's not a problem:

    1. how to simply implement it?

    The two main issues are inherently antagonistic; everyone doesn't need the same number of devices, but it's safe to assume that there are going to be users who use a lot of devices and users who use a small number of devices at the same time. If a large number of activations are provided by default in order to account for users who need a large number of devices, then users who don't need as many can sell them at little cost. If the number of activations is kept to the number of devices most users have in order to prevent resale, then some users will have to buy activations repeatedly.

    Considering the two issues above and the one that isn't an issue, the developer chose to use the current solution to solve it. It solves the three problems above almost perfectly, except for the complete lack of connection to official servers that you demand. Users can activate on as many devices as they want and it's unlikely that there will be reselling, while it's fairly simple to implement.

    Even if one wanted to offer the ability to not connect to official servers at all, then the best way to do that is not what you're talking about, in fact, adding an option to go completely offline after activation would suffice.

    For a discussion on this take a look at this: Issue #8835 · siyuan-note/siyuan, although the main body is in Chinese it should still be understandable using translation software.

  • Exposure to the public: 2-FA for access and logoff

    2024-05-07 21:41

    You're using it the right way, just operating the browser correctly is enough to remove the personal content part.

    As for 2FA, I think it's unlikely ...... This is mainly because it's not a priority concern for the developers. Because they don't monetize by selling self-hosted qualifications, self-hosted features are more like leveraging existing modules and a generous free lunch of sorts. So developers don't focus their development on it, but rather on improving the client user experience. Of course, anyone who wants to contribute code to provide this functionality, I think the developers are quite welcome. Because as we all know, SiYuan is an open source software :)

  • Possible to activate third party sync in offline style?

    2024-05-07 21:33

    I prefer to call it activation at will after getting credentials online - you just copy the conf folder after activation on any device, and you can activate the account and features on any offline device.

  • Exposure to the public: 2-FA for access and logoff

    2024-04-20 17:05

    When the IP address is exposed, it's not secure enough. You need to use a reverse proxy to hide the real IP and port.

    There is no 2FA feature available.

    It cannot be locked, and it is strongly advised against doing so. Downloading and using the Siyuan client on a public computer will result in downloading and decrypting all your note content onto that public computer. Please use a mobile device and enable local server functionality to meet this requirement.

  • How can I perform more complicated math in database?

    2024-04-09 10:56

    Currently, template columns cannot be referenced to each other.

    I'm afraid that writing a function will require modifying the source code of SiYuan, which is the case with the week function contributed by the community before.

    The last requirement may not be fulfilled.

  • Struggle running 1st time Windows

    2024-03-21 11:30

    Locate "siyuan-kernel" in the task manager details and terminate it. Open Siyuan's workspace and delete the "temp" folder.

  • Will the database have its own page much like what Notion has?

    2024-03-10 21:31

    Actually, multi-view functionality is already supported now. You can simply create a new view on the duplicated database.

  • Will the database have its own page much like what Notion has?

    2024-03-09 16:22

    Simply copy and paste it.

  • Data lost when copying config from one workspace to another

    2024-02-06 23:30

    You can first disable synchronization, manually roll back the snapshot and then change the sync mode to "Full manual sync". Click on Sync in your settings menu again but this time choose "Upload local data snapshot" as a direction for synchronizing.

    After that, change back to automatic syncing.

  • Is it possible for markdown export to link to other files?

    2024-01-28 13:34

    Thanks to the solution provided by the community, the effect of the built-in Siyuan export is perfect! @adham @sagar

  • Best way of handling pdf without uploading?

    2023-12-20 14:39

    You can configure to ignore pdf uploads in data/.siyuan/syncignore, which means you need to handle the synchronization of pdf on your own.

    Another option is to use a third-party S3 provider with larger capacity.

  • S3 Sync Issue (Cloudflare R2 / Google Cloud Storage)

    2023-11-09 18:14

    The docker version of SiYuan is just a runtime environment without electron, and you can access it through web, but it itself cannot be used as a synchronization service provider.

    To be honest, I don't quite understand your operation. Can you see the newly uploaded snapshot in the cloud snapshot interface?

  • YAML frontmatter to SiYuan attribute conversion on markdown import

    2023-11-06 21:10

    In fact, the export of YAML is supported in Siyuan, but the import is not currently supported.

    In addition, Siyuan's document block properties are handled differently from other applications, they all appear directly in the DOM, which means that even if import is supported, some properties are not allowed to be named, or more likely, they are not allowed to be imported to prevent corruption.

  • Trying to understand sync and backup options

    2023-10-29 15:03

    At present, there are more detailed explanations in the Chinese community:


  • Feature Request: Find Page in Doc Tree

    2023-10-29 15:00

    I believe what you are referring to is the existing feature:

  • Trying to understand sync and backup options

    2023-10-28 09:42

    As far as I know, the custom server sync feature should be a free feature at the moment, just need to log in, you can't sync at the moment may be caused by other reasons, need more detailed information, preferably have a screenshot.

  • How to use "inbox" feature?

    2023-10-08 22:54

    In China, an example has been developed to connect to WeChat, which allows you to send messages to SiYuan in the form of conversations.

    I think Telegram and WhatsApp should be able to do something similar, but there is no doing yet.

  • SiYuan as an Outliner?

    2023-09-21 14:44

    It depends on how you use Siyuan.

    • Extreme support for Siyuan outline note mode

      • Simple node

        *Node example

        • * 111111111111111111111111111111111111111111
        • A single node with 400 child nodes will not be stuck. (simple node)
        • Each node has 200 child nodes, a total of 20,000 nodes, and there will be no lag when using folding and focus (simple nodes)
      • Complex math nodes

        *Node example

        • There will be no lag in 13 complex mathematical nodes in a single node. (logseq is 52)
        • 13 complex math nodes per node, 117 complex math nodes in total, no lag when using folding and focusing (logseq folding will not render, almost equivalent to plain text nodes)
      • Conclusion: Siyuan performs well when it contains only plain text nodes, that is, nodes that do not need to be rendered, and can completely replace outline notes. But if complex, rendering-requiring nodes are used, such as math blocks, then performance drops dramatically and it cannot compete with real outline notes.

  • Turn inline reference into embed block

    2023-09-21 14:36

    You mean this?


  • To-do document containing all to-do's from other documents

    2023-08-21 13:49

    copy and use it:

    {{SELECT * FROM blocks WHERE markdown LIKE '%[ ]%' AND subtype = 't' AND type = 'i'}}