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  • How to use "inbox" feature?

    2024-05-05 20:41


    I noticed that a new “Telegram Inbox” plugin has been added to the marketplace, anyone interested can give it a try.


  • Can't access docker instance and network sharing from my mobile

    2024-05-04 11:31

    The current version may have issues; you can try the previous version: v3.0.11.

  • 'Add to Database' question

    2024-05-02 11:09

    Please use the following template.

    .action{$id := .id}
    .action{$blockList := queryBlocks "SELECT * FROM blocks where id = (select root_id from blocks where id = '?')" $id}
    .action{$block := first $blockList}
  • 'Add to Database' question

    2024-05-02 01:03

    There should be no space between “.action” and “{ .title}”.

  • 'Add to Database' question

    2024-05-01 23:10

    You may need template columns


  • Change font on desktop and mobile app

    2024-04-22 10:50
    1. Using Font Pluginsimage.png
    2. 参考:思源笔记手机端和电脑端使用同一字体 - 链滴
      • Placing the font files in the "data/plugins" folder of the Siyuan Notes workspace allows the fonts to be synchronized to mobile devices. For example, I have created a new folder named "custom-fonts" and placed my current favorite font, Hanyi Kongshankai, inside.Snipaste_2024-01-16_17-50-46
      • Then, add the following code snippet in Siyuan Notes by navigating to 【Settings - Appearance - Code Snippet】
        @font-face {
        font-family: "汉仪空山楷";
        font-style: normal;
        src: url("plugins/custom-fonts/汉仪空山楷.ttf");
        :root {
        --b3-font-family: "汉仪空山楷", "Helvetica Neue", "Luxi Sans", "DejaVu Sans", "Hiragino Sans GB", "Microsoft Yahei", "sans-serif", "Apple Color Emoji", "Segoe UI Emoji", "Noto Color Emoji", "Segoe UI Symbol", "Android Emoji", "EmojiSymbols";
  • Choose workspace on startup

    2024-04-13 15:38